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  • Forest set


    One of the most popular basic terrain for battle games and wargaming - FOREST.

    Many trees on stands, objectives and additional stands marking the area of the Forest allows you to create large wooded battlefield.

  • Grain Fields Set


    One of the most basic and classic terrains - fields of grains.

    This Set allows you to create agriculture part of battlefield with fields of different grains and shapes.

  • APOCALYPTIC Terrains Set -...


    Set of landscapes terrains directly from the destroyed, postwar World of the Future.

     Models available in finishing version- Warlike Summer 

  • Barricades Set - 3 pieces -...


    Barricades - heavy fortifications, dedicated to battle systems like Warhammer 40 000 or Warmachine

    Set of three different Barricades formed from boxes, chests, barels, scrap or junks.

    This models are cast resin for self painting

  • Hill set


    A set of multile sized hills

  • Grave Yard Mega Set


    This is a supplement to our Kickstarter, it is for thoes that wish to use paypal.
    It will be realised along with other Kikstarter orders.